Project initiated by Soccer Outaouais

Step by step


Mr. Richard Gravel and Mr. François Grenier director of the Unité régionale de loisirs et de sports de l’Outaouais obtained financing from several associations. They also received grants from la Société de diversification économique de l’Outaouais ($200,000), la Conférence régionale des Élus de l’Outaouais ($125,000), le Centre local de développement de Gatineau ($50,000) and the Unité régionale de loisirs et de sports de l’Outaouais ($25,000).

The National Capital Commission (NCC) gives the Connor building to the City of Hull.


Mr. Gravel had dual roles: He sat on the executive committee for the Québec Soccer Federation and was responsible for communications and marketing. This enabled him to communicate with multiple key stakeholders in different Québec and Canadian governments.

The transition committee established during the fusion project of the region shouldered the multisport centre realization.


Founded in 2002, the Gestion ARSO corporation’s mandate was to manage the sporting facilities of the multisport centre.The management board encompasses: Mr. André Séguin, president, Mr. Guy Arcand, secretary, Ms Suzanne Côté, treasurer, Mr. François Grenier, Mr. Gilles Létourneau and Mr. Marc Saint-Amour, administrators.

Both levels of government released grants to the city of Hull to renovate the historic building La Fonderie.


The city renovates the building La Fonderie at the cost of $ 8,000.000. The city signs an agreement with Gestion ARSO giving it the mandate to manage and rent the playing fields.

The architect, Mr. Pierre Morimano, sketches out plans for 2 soccer fields and one multi-sports surface.

A building permit is obtained by Gestion ARSO from the city for the construction of the fields.


Mr. Gravel is named director of Soccer Outaouais and Gestion ARSO.

In April, Gestion ARSO starts the construction of two soccer fields and a multi-sports surface at the cost of $750,000. In June, the Centre multisport of Gatineau opens its doors.