Rules, rental agreement and conditions

  1. The tenant must have with him/her their rental contract and proof of payment in order to present it to the facility supervisor, if needed, before using the playing fields.
  2. The tenant takes it upon himself and in the name of all members of the group he represents the duty to respect all federal, provincial and municipal rules, and those of the Centre Multsiport de Gatineau.
  3. The tenant cannot sublet a playing field nor transfer his contract under any circumstances, without the consent of the corporation Gestion ARSO.;
  4. The tenant must leave the multisport centre at the end of his activity in the initial state it was at the beginning
  5. Only water is allowed in the multisport centre; other beverages and food are prohibited on the premises, along with chewing gum.
  6. Smoking is not permitted inside the Centre multisport.
  7. It is forbidden to spit on the fields.
  8. It is forbidden to post any information or publicity inside or outside the Centre multisport without the authorization of Gestion ARSO.
  9. It is forbidden to sell or do any kind of solicitation inside the Centre multisport.
  10. The tenant and all members of his group must leave the fields three minutes before the end of the rental, bringing with them their belongings.  They must change outside the fields.
  11. A 20 minute time slot is allowed to the tenant and his group to vacate the locker room after they have finished their activity.
  12. Soccer players are authorized to wear shoes with spikes .  White sole shoes are recommanded on the multisport surface.  A proper outfit is requested at all time.
  13. The tenant must obey the facility supervisor or his replacement when using one of the soccer fields or the multisport surface.
  14. The tenant will compensate Gestion ARSO or the owner of La Fonderie, for any damages done to the facility or any equipment, fields or any other accessory.
  15. Gestion ARSO will not be responsible for stolen or lost objects, for any accident incurred while on the premises, for any damage done to the premises or in line with using the premises, or any other unforeseeable event
  16. The tenant recognizes that Gestion ARSO cannot be held responsible if they can not fulfill their contractual obligations because of civil disorder, strike or any other reasonable cause that is out of the corporation’s control.
  17. For the length of the contract, Gestion ARSO or any other stakeholders can cancel the tenant rental agreement at any time and keep the funds as punitive damage if they detect any behavior susceptible of causing disorder or risk of any type on the premises.
  18. Gestion ARSO has the right to cancel any rental dates as long as the tenant is informed of the situation at least 14 working days in advance. The tenant has the right to cancel any rental dates as long as he informs Gestion ARSO at tleast 14 working days in advance. A 50% rental fee will be applied against the cancelled rental date if the delay is not respected.  If the rental is transferred to another date, Gestion ARSO will not apply the penalty.
  19. The tenant having a contract cannot claim any deductions or refunds of any kind if he stops using the rental space for any given reason. The tenant can terminate his contract if he sends a written letter to Gestion ARSO  at least 60 days prior to the end of the contract.;
  20. The tenant is responsible for all activities happening during the time of rental. He will obtain all licenses and permits needed to perform his activity from the proper authorities. The tenant is responsible for paying all taxes and rights needed to perform his activity
  21. The tenant is responsible for obtaining and presenting proper responsability insurance.
  22. The tenant agrees that all radio, television, movie and any other rights belong to Gestion ARSO.
  23. The tenant must get approval from Gestion ARSO before doing any modifications to the rental space.
  24. The tenant takes it upon himself to understand and inform all members of the group he represents and the duty to respect all rules, rental agreement and conditions.